About KeshoUK


Kesho UK is a charity registered with the UK Charites Commission on 19th January 2012; registration number  1145531. Kesho UK aim to improve the life chances of children through the education of disadvantaged young people in the Kilifi, Bahari and Ganze district in Coast Province, Kenya.

The objectives of Kesho UK are;

  1. To advance education among children  and young people in Kilifi, Kenya. In particular but not exclusively, through the provision of grants to Kesho Organisation and other charities or organisations to advance education in Kenya  and by such other means as the Trustees determine.

  2. To promote the efficiency and effectiveness of charities, not for profit and voluntary organisations working to advance education in Kenya for the benefit of the public by provision of management advice and practical support.

For the purpose of this clause charities are organisations which are established exclusively for charitable purposes in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

Voluntary and not for profit organisations are independent organisations which are established for purposes that add value to the community as a whole, or a significant section of the community and which are not permitted by their constitution to make a profit for private distribution. Voluntary organisations do not include local government or other statuary authorities.


Our Trustees


Kesho UK chairman steps down

With the return of Kate Nokes from Kilifi, Pauline Lowe has stepped down as Chairman of Kesho UK and Kate will take the helm. Pauline returns to her role as Treasurer and Geoff Powell to that of trustee.

Kate Nokes

Kate is a Co-Founder of Kesho Kenya and worked voluntarily for 10 years as the Executive Director from 2004 to 2014. She has 3 teenage boys and moved to Kenya in 2001. Kate worked extensively in Africa and Asia for 10 years as a post-doctoral research scientist at Imperial College, London and later at Oxford University, where she investigated the relationship between chronic ill health and children's educational achievement. She believes passionately that all children should have access to quality education and fun, experiential learning. In 2015 Kate began dividing her time between the UK and Kenya and now enjoys her work as a Sixth Form Administrator in a state school in Bath.

Angela Cary-Brown

Being married to a Civil Engineer has involved living in many different countries so when my sister decided to move to Kenya, we naturally went to visit. Africa was new to me and I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty of the people and the scenery. My sister was involved with KESHO in Kilifi and I saw the wonderful work they were doing to help young people achieve their potential. Over the last few years, I have sponsored children through their secondary education and enjoyed hosting two exceptional young people from Kilifi who did work experience in my children's school. So the next step for me was to become a trustee with the UK branch of KESHO. My aim is to build awareness of KESHO and organise fund raising events so that more local children can benefit from secondary education.

Sally Bagenal

Sally was a board member of Kesho Organisation, Kilifi Kenya from 2008 to 2013. She was executive chair of the board in 2012.

Sally is Director of SROI (Social Return on Investment) Africa consultancy, she has carried out a SORI for Kesho, Kenya.

By capturing the whole story of what Kesho are doing (good and bad, social, environmental and economic) it really quantified the total impact of their work on the community; all other impact measures look at individual elements and miss the less tangible things.

SROI is understood by donors so it's a great help in supporting Kesho's grant applications.

Pauline Lowe

I worked as the Unit Administrator for the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Programme based in Kilifi, Kenya for 18 years before returning to Oxford in 2010, I am now retired. I became involved with KESHO due to my friendship with Kate Nokes the current CEO. I had seen my Kenyan colleagues struggling to educate their children and knew many people could not afford the school fees relative to their monthly earnings.

I have sponsored a child through secondary school and was also a member of the Rotary Club of Kilifi which managed to secure funds from Rotary Foundation to sponsor 33 children from 2008. I walked on the Great Wall of China in October 2010 to raise funds for KESHO. In July 2013 I cycled from London to Paris with my partner Geoff to also raise funds. I visit Kilifi regularly and have carried out an annual operational and financial review in 2011 and 2012. As treasurer of Kesho UK I hope to continue to support the work of KESHO in Kilifi.

Geoff Powell

I was introduced to Kesho by Pauline Lowe when I worked in the Computer Services department of Oxford Brookes University. When Pauline explained the good work that Kesho were doing in Kilifi, I arranged for a number of 'old' laptops to be donated from Oxford Brookes. Whilst being underpowered for their use they were perfect for Kesho and when Pauline and I visited Kilifi in 2013 we took them over.

SInce then I have helped Pauline with the work she has done as Treasurer and a trustee, been 'volunteered' for a sponsored cycle ride from London to Paris and have created and manage Kesho UK's web site. I am proud to be a supporter of Kesho and have been lucky to see the work they do and the difference they make.